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The Bialetti Legend

The Bialetti legend dates back to 1918,when Alfonso Bialetti opened a workshop in Crusinallo to manufacture semi-finished aluminium products. Bialetti's ambition and entrepreneurial spirit spurred him on to create a finished product. Then, in 1933 Bialetti's son Renato used his own feel for business to patent and manufacture the now world-famous Moka Express. This unique product revolutionised coffee-making in the home and led Bialetti to establish the largest coffee-maker factory in the world.


Over 70 years of coffee in the home

The invention of the Bialetti Moka Express revolutionised the way coffee was produced in the home. This aluminium product, with its innovative system and distinctive octagonal shape, introduced Italians to a new kind of coffee ritual. Then, halfway through the 90's, the classic Bialetti coffee-maker evolved. Models with new designs and different functions were introduced alongside the original type, always with the same qualities as the legendary Moka. Today this product is still a symbol of Italian culture and tradition. Bialetti's wide range of models, available in several sizes (1 to 18 cups) satisfies all tastes. Ninety percent of Italian families own at least one Bialetti coffee-maker. Since the start of manufacture, over 270 million Bialetti coffee-makers have been distributed throughout the world, with a daily average of 26 000 products.


Quality: unique, inimitable, certified

All Bialetti products comply with European standards which certify and guarantee quality and suitability for use.

The little man with the moustache

Bialetti was one of the first Italian firms to recognise the power of marketing and the importance of communication. Since 1958, the year in which the legendary ,little man with the moustache, first appeared on television, to the most recent campaign, Bialetti has constantly strived to make its brand visible.